Weekly Update #4: Tokens and A New Town

         Recently on the StoneHeart server, we have been creating a new town to explore and have discussed about a custom-plugin that adds tokens: currency that drops from mobs with the appearance of a nether star.

         The new town that is being added is based off of San Francisco’s architecture, except there are more colors, styles, and plants to add more captivating beauty. The build will take a long time to finish, and it will be a non-player town, meaning that players will not be able to have their own homes. The town is aimed to have subliminal parkour. OperativePlayer is adding climbable buildings and more to contribute to the parkour aspect of our server.

          The tokens mentioned before will also be available through special events and will NOT be craft-able. So far, only one thing can be purchased with the currency — backpacks. Backpacks are half-chests that are carry-able throughout the world. These chests can be placed and viewed and they are player specific. So far, the prices for the chests haven’t been decided. The tokens plugin should be out in a few days and the features will be experimented with — things may be changed.

– GrimEnvy

UPDATE : We’ve currently installed the Token system. The token shop is the building across the street from the bank. Tokens only drop from mobs currently, but we’re looking into other methods of distributing them. The Corrupted Bone and Infected Flesh are contributor only items. They’re an addition to control the amount of undead horses on the map. Backpacks are available for everyone, and they’re quite expensive at 8 tokens. It works kinda like a portable ender chest.


Weekly Update #3

Hello all,

This week I want to discuss the use of some of the new Minecraft Server “tech.” The tech I’m speaking of is the use of Holograms, Scoreboards, and the Tab List to display data to you! We have come up with multiple examples of how we could implement these features. We could place information such as the Town you belong to, the amount of money you have and your rank in the Tab Menu. We could do a similar think with the scoreboard, but we would put in a toggle, so that you can easily remove the board. One feature we implemented a week ago was a health indicator. This shows their current Health, but we would instead change this to the amount of Emerald Coins they have! The last thing is Holograms. We have not put any on StoneHeart, because we fear it may lag players  who do not have a strong computer. Eventually we may put some around as labels, so you may find buildings faster.






Question: What ways do you want us to implement these features?

Weekly Update #1

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